How do I get in touch with GFX Printing?

We have a contact page where you can find a form to ask questions.

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Do you archive my files and orders?

Effective March, 2015: Online, we archive your files and orders for approximately 2 years beginning with March, 2014 online archives. However, we maintain an offline backup of all files for up to 5 years whether you placed an order as a Guest or have a Registered Login.

If you placed an order more than a year ago and cannot find your files online, all you have to do is place another order online requesting an "exact reprint of Order #....".

** IMPORTANT: We can only reprint a previous order based on the above time periods if you have the order number. We cannot find orders based on names.

If you used the design studio and your artwork is no longer available, you will unfortunately have to create the files again if you need to make changes to the layout. We will try to locate the previous design and follow the layout so your cards will retain consistency and you have provided the original order number associated with the printing.

We strongly recommend you create a login so you can locate order numbers and files for future use.

If you created a design but did not order within 24-48 hours, your files will be deleted from our servers.

Please contact us by filling out our contact form if you require further information about your previous files or orders.

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What design options are available?

There are three options for designing and customizing a product. First, select a product on the left-hand panel and choose one of the following:

1. Custom Design: Just as the term suggests, go to any of the product pages and select it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: If you have your own artwork created (EPS, TIFF, PDF, etc.) you can upload it through this tool. Note that we are offset printing and only accept very specific filetypes.  If you upload files that are not print-ready, you accept all responsibility for any poor printing results that may occur.

3. Browse Design: You can select hundreds of pre-made templates and customize them. We also have 15,000 stock photographs that are free to use with our printing services.

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What kind of papers does GFX use? Is it offset printing?

We have various card stocks and different weights of papers available. It just depends on which one you choose.

Our standard card stock is 14pt with MatteAQ (satin shine, not a flat finish). We also have UV (very high shine) and Uncoated (a flat finish).

Many business cards and postcards also have 16PT as an option, and usually it's a free upgrade.

The type of printing we provide is called "offset" which is traditional high quality press equipment. For small orders (under 500), we will occasionally use smaller presses or digital presses if we do not have enough orders to fill a sheet (gang printing). Also refer to What Printing Method do you Use?

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What's the difference between AQ and UV? Are they shiny?

For card products (business cards, postcards, etc.), our standard finish is AQ (Aqueous Coating) which is a medium shine. UV Coating is a very high shine and looks almost like a laminated plastic. Otherwise, please see the product pages for all the various paper and finishing options available.

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Do I have to place multiple orders if I have multiple files?

You can add up to 30+ items to the shopping cart and shipping is only charged once.

We recommend that after you upload the first set of files, you add your contact information as if you were completing your order, and once you're in the shopping cart section, you'll see a button near the bottom of the page that says "Continue Shopping".

Because the site doesn't know whether you are ordering the same product or ordering a different product, you'll have to go to the product list to add your next item (either the Fast Checkout button or the Online Design button), and so on ...

Also refer to How to Order for more information on placing orders.

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When Will I Receive My Order? How Long Does it Take?

Production and turnaround times for each product can be found on their respective pages, 1) select a product from the list, 2) refer to the calculator on that product's page, and 3) select the ? icon in the calculator under Turnaround Time.

Note that shipping and transit time is not included in the Turnaround Time.

All schedules, either printing or shipping, is not guaranteed unless in writing by a GFX Printing customer service representative. All information regarding transit time is provided by the carriers directly and in no way is GFX responsible for any delays caused by third party carriers.

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What is Gang Printing?

As mentioned previously, we are offset printing, which is traditional printing on large presses (Heidelbergs, for example), but we are also gang printers. Gang printing is the process of placing 100s of files on a large sheet and colour is considered pleasing (not an exact match). This also means that colours will shift from order-to-order and sometimes even on the same run if you are ordering a number of employees for the same company, i.e. we cannot always guarantee that we can keep all the cards on the same sheet or that "neighbouring files" will be comlementary to your colours. Many times, colours compete with each other, making it impossible to colour match every time.

To learn more about Gang Printing, see this About.com article.

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What color formats are supported?

We print on large Heidelberg presses and can only output CMYK files. However, if you have RGB files, we automatically convert them to CMYK for you.

For online proofs, you'll only see RGB which does not reflect how the cards will print due to the difference in monitors (your equipment) and commercial press equipment (our equipment).

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I Don't Need Color Printing, is there a Discount for Black & White?

There is no price reduction if your files are Black & White or Greyscale only. We are gang printers and the price is based on you reserving a spot on the sheet, regardless of how many inks your files require.

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What is the resolution of output file?

We output files at 175 LPI (Lines Per Inch) which is approximatley 300 DPI (dots per inch).

Any online proofs will be standard web resolution at 72 DPI and does not reflect how your product will print unless you are providing low resolution files.

If we find any major problems with your files (example, wrong size), we will give you an opportunity to provide new files before we print. However, we cannot find every conceivable issue and you are responsible for your own files if they do not print the way you expect them to.

Click here for information on file types and file guidelines.

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What printing method do you use?

We use offset printing on Heidelberg presses, which provides the highest quality of print material for both text and images if you supply a minimum of 300 DPI files or Vector files from programs such as Illustrator or CorelDraw.

We also have a digital press for short runs. eg: quantities of 500 or less may be printed digitally if there are not enough orders to fill an offset press sheet. This, however, is quite rare, and only for very tight deadlines will we use a small digital press.

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What if there is a problem with my order and I want a refund?

Within 5 days of receving your order, you will need to provide a digital photo of the problem for our review and we will investigate it.

If the printing did not pass quality control, we will reprint it for you at no additional charge and within the same production schedule as originally ordered.

We do not provide refunds. No exceptions.

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Are the prices listed on the site final?

The prices on our site are for printing only. Shipping is additional.

No taxes if you are in the USA, and all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

If you are in the USA, you'll enjoy further savings up to 30% because our dollar is very low which will be reflected in your Paypal or Credit Card statement.


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How does GFX Printing ship orders?

We ship all orders destined for the USA by UPS Ground.

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How long does it take to ship orders?

When printing is completed (2-4 business days for most products), shipping and transit time is typically anywhere from overnight to a few business days. We ship from the USA for all orders destined for the USA.

All schedules, either printing or shipping, is not guaranteed unless in writing by a GFX Printing customer service representative. All information regarding transit time is provided by the carriers directly and in no way is GFX responsible for any delays caused by third party carriers.

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